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Beccles and District TT League archives

Archives - Roll of Honour

SeasonOpen SinglesOpen Doubles
1986/87P. MooreP. Moore / I. Brown
1987/88P. MooreB. Garrod / D. Holland
1988/89B. GarrodB. Garrod / D. Holland
1989/90B. GarrodB. Garrod / D. Holland
1990/91D. KnightsB. Garrod / D. Holland
1991/92B. GarrodG. Purling / D. Knights
1992/93A. ClitheroeI. Brown / G. Mee
1993/94P. LogsdonS. Jarvis / A. Clitheroe
1994/95P. LogsdonB. Lingwood / P. Logsdon
1995/96D. HendersonD. Henderson / J. Skilleter
1996/97P. LogsdonUnknown
1998/99D. KnightsD. Knights / J. Skilleter
1999/00J. SkilleterB. Garrod / D. Holland
2000/01D. HollandB. Garrod / D. Holland
2001/02B. GarrodB. Garrod / A. Key
2002/03J. SkilleterJ. Skilleter / M. Durham
2003/04J. NatolskiJ. Natolski / D. Clark
2004/05J. SkilleterJ. Skilleter / G. Collett
2005/06J. SkilleterJ. Skilleter / M. Durham
2006/07J. SkilleterJ. Skilleter / G. Howes
2007/08J. SkilleterJ. Skilleter / O. Howes
2008/09Mark DurhamJames Skilleter/Mark Durham
2009/10Greg CollettGordon Howes/Oly Howes
2010/11James SkilleterJames Skilleter/Greg Collett
2011/12James SkilleterJames Skilleter/Ian Brown


The inaugural meeting of the Beccles and District Table Tennis League was held at the Caxton Club, Beccles on 17th May 1962. The first AGM was held on August 14th 1963 and the Minutes Book records that the first winners of the Second Division were Beccles Youth Club, but they would not be entering the league the following season to defend their title.

The First Division title was not decided as one fixture had not been played. It was agreed after a discussion that an effort should be made for the match to be played at the start of the next season. The minutes of the 1964 AGM record that the outstanding fixture from 1962/63 should be left 'unplayed' and no trophies would be awarded. So there were no First Division champions in the first season of the league.

The first individual league championships were held at the end of the 1964/65 season, and 65 players entered. By the 1967/68 season, there were 172 entries.

Matches have been played at numerous venues over the years.

The first end-of-season dinner/presentation evening was held at the King's Head in Beccles on 1st April 1966. 71 people attended. From 1967 to 1984 and also in 1986 and 1987, this event was held at Gunton Hall, Lowestoft. The records show that as many as 284 tickets were sold for the 1979 dinner.

The league's peak year appears to have been 1967/68 when there were 37 teams from 13 clubs and 163 registered players. The league that season and the following season was split into four divisions.

In 1980, the league was almost wound up due to a lack of secretary and there have been doubts about the league's survival on two occasions due to financial difficulties. In 1981, it was decided to stop running the junior team and the town team, which had been run by Barney Garrod for many years.

In 1985, the league disaffiliated from the county and the ETTA, but re-affiliated in 1988. The league was again disaffiliated in 2002.

Despite reservations, the league was persuaded to re-affiliated in 2009 and has remained so. At the last AGM on 30th May 2012, it was agreed to continue affiliation.

And so to our most recent season. In 2011/12, there were just 7 teams and there is a desperate need for recruitment. Let's hope the Olympics will encourage people.
So if anybody knows of any new players who would like to play, please let the committee members know.